5 things I learned after a detox

I like to think that i have a pretty good diet. I eat mostly vegetarian, I understand the importance of drinking a lot of water, and i keep my processed-refined sugar consumption to a minimum. That was until this holiday season….oops. For the first time in a loooong time, I let myself get wrapped up in all of the treats and what-not that the holiday season brings. We’re talking homemade fudge, crumble cookies (not to mention the cookie exchange at work that left me with 45 delicious cookies that I had to stare at, taste, and then devour), pies, brownies, and the trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered peppermint jojo’s, I can’t even right now. Have you ever had those? Don’t. Once you start, its damn near impossible to stop, fair warning.

That was just the sweets. The amount of cheese I consumed seemed unreasonable and my body told me the same. By the time Christmas day actually came, I found myself craving leafy greens and something that did not contain a full stick of butter. I still love you, butter, I just need my space right now.

Needless to say, a detox from the retox was just what the doctor ordered. I have followed the Tone it Up Girls for many years now and as if they were reading my mind, they sent me a 5 Day Detox just in the nick of time. So there I was, At the market, filling my basket with the items that fuel my body and feed my spirit and detox day one was in full swing.

This detox isn’t crazy or drastic or anything. It was simple, No starches after 3pm, no high fructose corn syrup, no coffee (if you can help it), no alcohol, etc. They even supplied recipes that were surprisingly delish and as an added bonus, the hubs even jumped on the detox band wagon with me. Even though I was used to eating this way, my habits had somehow come undone…which is how I realized that this detox taught me a lot about how I thought I was eating and how I was actually eating.

So, here were have it:

5 lessons I learned after a detox

  1. I don’t eat nearly enough vegetables in my every day life. This detox had me eating vegetables at nearly every meal. The recipes were nothing but vegetables and plant protein and, perhaps for once in my life, I actually ate the recommended serving of veggies in a day. Who knew? I totally thought that all of these years I was shoving my face full of greens to find out that I was only half way getting the job done.
  2. Tray dinners might be the best answer to all of our dinner woe’s. I don’t know about you but I am constantly trying to figure out what I am making the fam for dinner and it damn near does me in on some days. Enter, Tray dinners. These bad boys take the guess work Out of the “what’s for dinner” headache and instead fill your belly with a healthy meal and an easy clean up (win, win!) What’s a tray meal you ask? It is a cookie sheet full of vegetables, tossed in olive oil, salt & pepper, and baked in the oven for 20-30minutes (I loved brussels, asparagus, onions, garlic, red & yellow peppers). If you’re not vegetarian, add a lean protein to that try and bake accordingly. If you are a vegetarian, heat up some lentils while the veggies are cooking and toss it all together when it’s finished. THAT’S IT, really!
  3. Detoxing is easier when you are doing it with someone. The hubs decided to detox with me and it was super helpful. He was on board with the 7 million veggies I fed him, we drank the lemon-cayenne-ACV water every morning together, and he cheersed (is that a word?) dandelion tea with me as if it were a nice glass of red. I’ve detoxed by myself before and I have to say that I prefer sharing the experience with someone.
  4. I felt worse before I felt better. Perhaps it was the cold turkey absence of sugar that threw my body for a loop but I felt sluggish and off for the first 2 days. My husbands down time didn’t hit him until day 3-4. I knew there were better days ahead so I just put my head down, squeezed some extra lemon in my water and kept it pushing. Sure enough, by day 3, I was in the clear.
  5. I want to keep this up. I surprised myself a bit when I realized the detox was over and I didn’t want to quit. It felt good to recharge my body, give it the fuel it needs, and show it a little love. I’m day 2 post detox and I’m still on the bandwagon. Sometimes when we go down a rabbit hole of brownies and ice cream, it’s easy to stay in that space. I dug my way out in 5 days and I’m not looking to revisit anytime soon. The hubs even stayed on the bandwagon with me!

I discovered that I let the term “healthy eating” morph into just the occasional veggie, and the more than occasional treat. I am sure that I’ll have to revisit another intentional detox sometime in the future because, balance right?! But for now, I’m going to keep surfing the veggie wave and maybe snag a treat here and there:).

Do you have experience with detoxing? I’d love to know about it in the comments!

In good health,

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