Camping is fun?

I’m not totally convinced. I mean, I grew up in the mountains. Well, in a valley surrounded by mountains, and camping was a large part of the culture. I had cousins that would camp frequently and would pack up for the weekend in Island park or at American Falls Reservoir. But our family didn’t camp very much, not sure why…Perhaps my mom was on to something.

I love the idea…

Being outdoors with the sun shining through the pines, Pack on my back with all of the essentials one would need in case a bear attacked. Wait, not that, I do not love that…Let’s try this again. Camp fire burning with the smell of roasted marshmallows, the stars shining in the vast abyss above us. But then, then there’s the tent.

I do not love that idea…

I really, really do not like sleeping in tents. When I was a kid, every time I slept in a tent with friends, someone got sick and left their mess all over the tent. I know that is not a typical experience but it happened enough times to me that I now associate tents with throw up. Ewww. And then there’s the bugs.

I also do not love that idea…

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs and pretty soon you find yourself scratching every last inch of your body. Not cool. And it’s not like you can just go jump in the shower for some kind of relief. No, you have to wait until the camping trip is over. Also, not cool. And I wouldn’t touch high concentrated DEET with a ten foot pole.

Here’s what the Environmental Working Group had to say about the use of DEET, “We urge consumers to handle DEET with caution. It is known to irritate the eyes and in intense doses it may induce neurological damage.8,9,10 In very rare cases, DEET has been reported to impair the nervous system, with symptoms including seizures, tremors and slurred speech – this most often occurs after exposure to high concentrations of the chemical.11,12 In addition, DEET gives off a distinct odor, and can damage plastic, rubber and vinyl on clothing, backpacks, glasses, watches and cameras.13,14” (EWG, 2019).

So, next option please???

A few years ago, I remember by brother’s mother in law telling me that she used dōTERRA’s Terrashield while outdoors. She spoke about how She did not get bit but that her husband that did not use it, did. Whoops.

I also had another person tell me that they go to Hawaii every year and she ALWAYS gets bit, bad. This year, for some reason she did not and asked me if the oils she was consuming could have anything to do with it??? After finding out that she took Slim & Sassy twice a day, I realized that the ginger in that particular oils was what was turning away the bugs. They don’t like how you taste when you have consumed ginger (who knew?!).

The cool part about all of this is that Terrashield is 10% off this month. Just in time for #allthingssummer including those tent free camping trips. Yes, I said tent free camping trips because I want all the goods but just in a cabin. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so. And if you are cautious and aware of the products you use on and in your body like me, let me hook a sister up. You can get you Terrashield here or you can get your Terra shield and ginger here. And if you really see the value in all things oils, you can get your wholesale account here. You won’t be sorry, I promise :).

In good health,

P.S. Here’s all the deets (no pun intended) on Terrashield

Environmental Working Group. (2019). EWG’S 2018 GUIDE TO BUG REPELLENTS : REPELLENT CHEMICALS Environmental Working Group. (2019). Retrieved from

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